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Okay, so this is prolly going to disappoint some people. But WolfTigerFox, its over, I quit.

I thought it would just be a fun little idea and I had tons of inspiration, lots of stories and jokes I never used, all that jazz. For a while, it was very much a fun thing to do, and I was really enjoying it. But now, it isn't. The whole things just not going where I want it, I can't seem to get anything funny onto paper, it became a chore. Heck, just the thought of finishing the half inked comic I have sitting in my drawings box depresses the hell out of me, which is a shame, because it had a really cute panel ^^; I wanted to get this King-kong/Jurrasic park/tarzany parody done, but I simply can't. It's not working at all, and even looking at this comic annoys me.

I have a ton of stuff I'd rather spend my time and effort on right now, not the least of which is my studies (yes, unlike comic Crimson I do work occasionaly ;P) Maybe you'll see me back on ComicsGenesis one day, maybe you wont, who knows. Sorry to anyone who was enjoying this, but at least this way, a certain member of my audience won't hit me for anymore welsh jokes!

Anyway, It was a bit of fun while it lasted, but now, I can't hack it. Farewell all, and thanks for reading this pitiful attemt at comicry. While I'm still here though I shall plug Emerald-Comics, a sonic the hedgehog fan comic site that at the moment dosn't have much content, but hopefully the 80-something page first comic will go up soon. Which I did a bunch of pages for, and you can watch as my drawing ability completly changes from page to page, joy! >.>

So long, and thanks for reading!

Heh, didn't even make 50 pages.


O.o, 06th October.

First things, this was ready 2 weeks ago, and I still can't be bothered colouring it.

Second things. I really need to stop being crap at this updating lark. Really.

Update....thing, 03rd October

Uh, yeah. You may have noticed the schedule has deviated a little. This is because of lectures (and rum, and FFVII)

As of tonight, there is no schedule! MWHAHAHAHA! I shall update once a week, maybe two, most likely midweek, but you can never be sure when! It's like Russian roulette, EMBRACE THE CHAOS! WONDER WHAT BARRET IS DOING! KEEKEKEKEKEKEEEEE!

Log of the Captain, 25th September

If the new site content doesn't go up this week.... it will be up a different week ;P

Also, I did a guest comic for Philosophy Monkey by Paul Lovell, go check his comic out!

Captain's Frog, 22nd September

Still no PROPER updates. And with the back to back party style of Freshers's week, I'm afraid you have no true comic. BUT you do have a guest comic, from WTF's very own Kitty =D


Captain's Log, the next generation. 18th September

Okay, so what the heck is WRONG with me. I tell myself, my resits are done, I've had my holiday. Lets get the comic back up and running with new layout, buttons, the works by Friday. That didn't work. Despite the fact I had everythink inked and scanned and ready to go. And I STILL couldn't bring myself to colour it properly.

AND it's late for MONDAY because I was playing KOTOR =S And I still havn't even begun to attack the layout.

Put a blinker on =(

In other news, all engines are go for next term, Wednesday will probably be late because of a tuesday night party, I love KOTOR, and it's been proven that a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters cannot in fact produce Shakespearian sonnets, but nine-hundred and ninety nine out of a thousand monkeys can't tell the difference.


Eh, you may all be a little annoyed that there hasn't been any comics, and wondering where I am.

Well, I might as well make it official, the comic is pretty much on hiatus until after I get stuff like resits and holidays done.


Grumpy Sod, 21st of July...

Sorry that this update is uncoloured (it's better than the lateness due to drink that affected the previous two updates I guess) but I really, really am just not in the mood right now. Really. So you get crappy, but temporary black and white.


Inneffeble Bog, 14th of July...

You may have noticed that there has been a lull in comics recently. Very sorry about that, I was uh... kidnapped by aliens, and forced into a virtual world, where I had to spell words to survive. Yes, that's what I was doing. I wasn't just being lazy, it was all the martian Speak'n'spell's fault.

Cast page for Kitty added, yay! She's so gonna end up killing me when I take a joke to far one day =3

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