Name: Crimson Darkwolfe                 Likes: Rum, beer, explosives, pirates

Age: 19    Species: Red wolf              Dislikes: Tomatoes, Pizza, Boredom

Course of Study: Art

Crimson spends most of his days at Furchester relaxing, having fun, and causing property damage, though he as somehow avoided reprimand for this. Though he is officially on an art course, it is unknown if he as even set a paw down inside the lecture halls. It is rumoured that before coming to Furchester, Crimson was actually quite smart. No evidence has been seen to support this.

Name: Kitty (AKA Boberella Kittycathka)          Likes: Malibu, Fire, Fire, Crimson's wall

Age: 19   Species: Siberian Tiger                         Dislikes: Sneezing on photos, cleaning up wolf vomit 

Course of Study: Engineering                              cleaning up fox vomit, cleaning up tiger vomit.

Kitty may actually once or twice been to a lecture, however, it might just have been bad lighting. Generally hanging around because its a good laugh, she can be just as crazy as the guys, if not crazier when she feels like it.

Warning! Do not attempt to feed wine to Kitty.

Name: George                                    Likes: Weed, computer games, TV

Age: 19    Species: Fox                       Dislikes: Having to have learnt welsh

Course of Study: SCIENCE!